Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's not yarn

No, this isn't bulky's a bean! Farmer Rick demonstrates the lengths our beans go to please us. This is our first year to try asparagus beans on the trellises. You don't need many to make a meal. They vine just like green beans and their flowers are a pretty pink. When the bean is young you might mistake it for stems of asparagus when cut up in the saute pan. However I think they are better tasting when they get longer and puffier and can absorb sauces similar to a good penne pasta.


Punkin's Mom said...

I love it! I should let you design my garden next year.

Dana Jones said...

I have never seen beans like these. Do they not get tough when they get this big? Do you eat the whole thing or do you shell them and just eat the bean?

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