Thursday, January 15, 2009

Healthy Harvest

As many of you know my husband and I are part of the local food movement, and helped start Healthy Harvest, a local group in our canyon interested in community building through food--a subject near and dear to everyone!

We are interested in saving and sharing seeds, organic gardening, preserving the food we grow, eating healthy, discovering foods grown within a 100 mile radius of us (100 Mile Diet), starting a community garden and a farmer's market, and the politics of food.

Since I am really too busy to continue producing their newsletter, I started a blog to keep locals informed. Blogging is a very new idea in our rural community, but so far the feedback from the group has been very positive. I'm hoping others in the group will eventually agree to be team members and actively post their ideas, photos, etc. too.

I put up a widget to show where the hits were coming from, and the first couple of days there was one lonely dot in Texas. But, amazingly, through the power of the Internet, people began to discover it. So, now I will share it with you and the other groups to which I belong. I hope our effort will encourage you to get something similar started in your locale.

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