Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Stills: Valentines

Sending all my friends in blogland this image of one of my favorite vintage Valentines! This holiday is special to me, as it was on Valentines Day that Farmer Rick proposed.

We have been in San Antonio this week, down on the lovely Riverwalk, attending the state's Music Educators convention. The Riverwalk is the most romantic place in Texas and a good place to do photography.


Everywhere you turn there is something to delight the senses--textures, colors, sounds.


We stayed in a historic district a brief walk away from the convention center. Although we were in the newer part of the hotel, there was an old-world feel to the room. We only wish the lighting had been more suitable to reading!


There are many restaurants along the Riverwalk, and in better weather you can sit outside along the water. The food at most of them is mediocre at best, but you cannot surpass the view.


From our window we could see the Tower of the Americas built for Hemisfair 1968. Somewhere in that plaza my great-grandfather's house once stood. It rained the first day and a half, but Saturday the sun came out and it was a cheerful place.


When you are down along the Riverwalk you become oblivious to the traffic above at street level.


There are little pocket parks, paths, fountains, and art.

This statue is of Saint Anthony, for which the town gets its name.


Artistic detail abounds.


There are many foot bridges to get you from one side to the other without ever having to rejoin the hectic world at street level.


Usually there are more flowers this time of year, but even San Antonio has been having a colder winter than expected.


If you get tired of walking, you can always take a river taxi!

The convention center had a magnificent landscape joining into the Riverwalk.

The landscape architect obviously spent much time studying rocks and waterfalls in nature to be able to design such a pleasant space.


I'd definitely like to come back in a few months when the plants leaf out and the flowers bloom.


It is amazing something that mimics the beauty of where I live could be forged out of concrete in the heart of the city.

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Callie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for the tour. I have never been to Texas or heard of the riverwalk. It is a beautiful place.

Ann said...

you you say ,"I do"

How very romantic.

Happy valentine's Day.

Holly said...

Happy Valentines Day! Lovely series of photos! Love the Riverwalk!

Anonymous said...

i hope your husband is better soon!

these are very nice photos

Ed said...

Very cool shots, I believe the riverwalk is where my dad proposed to my mom and the spot may be in one of those pics, mom (Dibear) will probably comment on this later this morning when she gets up..
I hope Rick is doing better..:-)

Ed said...

p.s. what would you think of a blogger get together in October in Albuquerque for the Baloon festival??

Anonymous said...

Sage, I LOVE your shots, they bring back so many wonderful memories for me. I wish I were there today. :) Ed' dad didn't propose to me there, but he did fire things up on a trip there. :):) I've been there several times with hubby #2 as well. It's a very romantic place!
Hope Rick is feeling better.
Happy Valentines Day to you both.

Anonymous said...

Like your valentine and the other pics are wonderful. Those pansies make me want spring more than ever, but it's more snow here for next day or so. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Lovely series of shots, cute place. I do like those grainy monochrome shots. Did you do this with some post-processing or are they effects on your camera?

colleen said...

Happy Valentines Day. I hope all goes well with Rick.

Brenda said...

What wonderful photos. I love the one of the window and the lace curtain. Sorry to hear that Rick isn't well and sending you both wishes that he is better soon. I'm glad you had a time to relax, walk and take photos.

Shirley said...

I'm sorry to hear that your husband isn't well, and pray that he can be healed. I love the old Valentine and the nostalgic feel to many of your photos. Thanks for taking us along on the riverwalk!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a sweet little V-Day card. Reminds of dear Avo. It's been a tough few months for you, my friend.
I hope the future is filled with happier things for you and your dear husband, Rick. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

I enjoyed the RiverWalk tour. I look forward to visiting there one day. I'm not one for city life, but the riverwalk seems like a true oasis.

Gentle hugs,

gtyyup said...

What a wonderful trip...thank you for taking us along! Your photos were great!

So very sorry to read about your husband's illness...healing thoughts and prayers for you all~~

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the look at the vintage valentine..way cool! The River Walk was a real treat too..I have heard it is awesome..and your photos speak volumes!
I am very sorry to hear of Farmer Ricks Cancer diagnosis..I will send out some prayers your seems like cancer is touching so many people..stay strong:)

Anonymous said...

I like the contrast of colors in the photos. I read your blog post twice and don't see any mention of what people are referring to about Rick being sick. A general cure-all that I was taught in south Louisiana is a teaspoon of organic wild honey and a mayonaaise jar full of bourbon. ....bob

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Love your vintage Valentine! Beautiful pictures of the Riverwalk too!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the vintage card. Is that a current find or something you've saved from the past?

The river walk is truly beautiful. Great captures.

Jill said...

Your pictures of the riverwalk are beautiful. Did you get to see the concrete faux bois grotto? Carlos Cortez is the artist. I am not sure if it is complete.

Roxann said...

I love San Antonio and one day I'd love to go back. Thanks for taking some gorgeous pictures. Your husband and you are in my thoughts.

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