Thursday, February 10, 2011

Farm Friend Friday: Some Serendipitous Finds and Farm Style

Isn't he lovely?

A few years ago I saw a precious vintage rooster tablecloth on eBay, but the bidding got so high I had to let it go. It was The One That Got Away.

So, fast forward to Tuesday when I was in the Big City on errands with a few minutes to spare. I spied a thrift store I'd never been in, and --like any frugal farm girl would do--I went in. There I discovered four curtain panels and two valances in the exact pattern of The One That Got Away for the mere sum of $1.50!

Something to crow about!

Not only is our kitchen this color of split pea soup on a cold Winter's day (aka 'Avocado' in the 1970's),  I've been looking for two window coverings for this room!

My painting 'The Emerson' above the sofa with potential dog bed material

I also found a bedspread and two pillow shams of a wonderful Jacobean print in all the oddball colors I'm using in several other rooms: coffee brown, mint green and persimmon for $7. Jacobean prints with their bold branches, fruits, flowers and birds remind me of the kind of in-your-face nature I experience on a daily basis. I've been looking for something from which I could make several dog beds. (Why is it all dog bed manufacturers assume hunter green and navy will work with everyone's decor?)

Although my style sensibility (if you could ever call it that) is best described as Atomic Ranch meets Martha Stewart Living at Pier One--and would likely give an interior designer nightmares--Farmer Rick and I are at home with this kind of eclecticism.

How about you? What's your farm style?

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Anonymous said...

I love that rooster! What a buy!

Jennifer said...

Very cool that you found it. I love it!

Farm Girl said...

Wow how neat is that to get that rooster! Thank you for coming by and you know, I never thought about using it for the floor. I will, my daughter reminded me that my Dad always used my soap to wash his hair. I had forgotten that too. I noticed a bit ago that it is starting to firm up so maybe all is not lost.

Verde Farm said...

It was so meant to be and what a beautiful fabric to boot. Thanks for joining FF Friday too :)

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

What a great find. Look forward to discovering more of your blog.
Stopping by from Verde Farm.

Blurdom said...

This is so crazy...I have the same fabric! I found it in a thrift store & made a skirt from mine, many years ago.

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