Saturday, April 7, 2007

Many Small Wonders

Today is just the kind of day that makes me wait until after the [seemingly late] last possible freeze date before I set out our vegetable seedlings, which are still cozy inside the house or in the cold frames we just built. Yes, the beautiful flower & butterfly days of earlier this week have given way to pelting sleet and imminent freeze.

Still, there can be odd snippets of natural wonder on such grey days. Today, there were many small wonders!

Our region is a hummingbird flyway because of all the rivers and riparian nectar plants it has to offer. I have assisted at several local hummingbird banding events. Banded hummingbirds that get caught again are often found at the exact feeder on the same day and time. Isn't that amazing? To think, maybe I've held some of these birds before in my hand. It's difficult to see a banded leg without catching the hummer, as the band rings are so small come stacked on safety pins. The professional bander must use a lupe to find the almost microscopic identification number on them.

It seems with the sudden change of weather these flying jewels are needing even more feeding, probably to just to keep warm. When I went out to refill the feeder today they did not fly away as usual, but instead continued to wizzzz and wrrrrr around me with great fervor. Look for the video I'll post next.

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