Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tornado Watch

In the hill country, a sunny day can be taken over by other weather in a matter of moments. That's exactly what happened yesterday. I knew by the strange light when I went out to feed the animals it was tornado weather. Rick was already packing up his tools where he was building raised beds in our vegetable garden.

We snapped a few photos before our second chance this year to practice the drill of getting everybody and everything to safety: animals, plants, cars, ourselves. (Fortunately our chickens were smart enough to put themselves in the coop). After checking the weather on the Internet the half inch hail predicted began falling. Only after we were safely inside did I read the numerous emergency emails about tornados around us. Rick says it's exciting to be so close to the weather in our homesteading life, something you don't experience living in a big city.

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Punkin's Mom said...

The difference between extreme beauty and extreme devestation can be just a matter of a few miles, eh?

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