Friday, October 17, 2008


Today's photo is of the galls found on the underside of our live oak leaves. At this time of year they are blushed with pink and look a lot like berries. They will grow into large woody structures and rain down on us eventually.

I've been told they are created by wasps stinging a cell in the leaf and laying eggs which develop into some form that eventually bores its way out of the woody gall. Often I've thought they would make good beads, being round, lightweight, and already having a hole in one end from the creature's escape.

I have no idea what the fuzzy one is all about.

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Dana Jones said...

I always wondered what these balls are. I thought it was a fungus.

I have given you a little love over at Cabin Chronicles today. (Scroll to the second post) If you'd like to post your badge, please feel free to do so.

Love, Dana

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