Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someone Loves My Blog!

Well, I am quite honored to see my blog friend Dana over at The Cabin Chronicles has sent me the I Love Your Blog badge to post. Dana has a lovely little cabin up in the Ozarks of Arkansas and we have discovered our living rooms look almost identical. But that's not too surprising considering our similar interests in almost everything. If she hadn't already received this award, I would have sent it to her. Be sure to check out her other blog, too, Calico Cat Press.

She is so inspirational to me: her love of the natural world, inquisitive mind, choice of simple living, the way she moves seamlessly between artistic media, her willingness to share ideas and techniques, and positive outlook. I am one of her biggest fans!

I am going to pass this on to my dear friend The Crazy Sheep Lady over at Punkin's Patch who I've known for twelve years. We actually met backpacking alone in the wilderness with our beloved dogs and corresponded for years through letters (remember those?) until I could convince her computers were pretty cool. The next thing I know she's designing web pages and maintaining an online business dedicated to everything Sheep.

She delights us with her (often comical) tales of running Equinox Farm and the joys of wool. She's a spinner, weaver, and knitter who creates the most wonderful felted sheep you've ever laid eyes on. Check out her gift selection in time for holiday giving! I admire her adventurous spirit, earth stewardship, kindness to animals, and artisan talents, and appreciate her friendship!

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Dana Jones said...

Sage, I am just speechless about what you've said about me.

humble gratitude:

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