Saturday, July 25, 2009

Madrid and Cerrillos

If you saw the movie Wild Hogs (we haven't) then you might recognize Madrid. It was our first time to visit. We got in close to sunset on Friday and had this wonderful view from the rooftop deck of our casita.

The casita was filled with light, decorated with posters of the wildflowers of New Mexico, and even harvested rainwater. Very charming!

Once a company coal mining town, this village is now filled with galleries of artsy handmade items, local food, and music. During the 70's mining ghost towns such as Madrid, Jerome, Bisbee attracted the hippies who purchased places with $20 down and developed them over the years into real communities.

Here are some of the whimsical sculptures of our host Michael Austin Wright.

There's not a lot of downtown street parking, and some folks let you know how they really feel about it.

Apparently there was a self-proclaimed Marshall who made sure people parked in the right spots. He has since passed on, but his legend is still present.

Madrid has a sense of humor, too. If you look closely under the poster...

Saturday morning we enjoyed coffee at the local Java Junction.

Farmer Rick discovered a local green publication as we hung out on the patio there.

We did a little shopping. This means I was trying on clothes and looking at art while Farmer Rick discussed local foods with the shop owners. He can work the word manure into any conversation!

We had the most delicious salads for lunch at a cafe with three different names out front (none of which we remember but highly recommend). There were so many vegetarian choices it was difficult to decide. Next time I'll try the parsnip tacos.

Two miles down the road is the community of Cerrillos, where green turquoise is mined. We enjoyed looking at all the rock samples at the mining museum.

Even derelict buildings have style in New Mexico.

And so do the doors.

A small personal shrine.

We loved this image of Christ as a tree in front of the church in Cerrillos...

and this creative use of pallets! New Mexico is the land of recycle and we appreciate that aspect of this enchanting state.


Ebie said...

This is my blog.
Hi Sage, I cannot get over reading your posts! the art in metal form, the ingenious creations of the artists or maybe by just a simple lay person, are wonderful. That's a long drive of 690 miles (is this one way)? Whew! Now I can put a face of Laughing Orca Ranch, Lisa aka Rapunzel (hehehe, I have a good memory, I hope Lisa reads this.) and the "nut" challenge is great. I also have enjoyed the Sunday Stills group, people are just wonderful and they have a very good sense of humor. Plus we have a good admin/host. Sorry, I have to write my long comment on this post....I will see you around in the next challenge? Regards to Farmer Rick! (if there are typos, sorry.

kbear said...

Hi! saw your comment @ Color Carnival and HAD 2 stop by to see your photos of New Mexico. i live here in Albquerque, NM. great shots that you captured of MADrid and Cerillos! glad you had some fun!

thecrazysheeplady said...

As always you are able to capture the charm of a locale. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a great trip.

Laughing Orca Ranch said... I must drive up to Madrid just to find that place with the yummy looking salads and parsnip tacos. Do they have their own garden that supplies the restaurant? You took some wonderful photos. I've never thought about staying in the funky town of Madrid, but many do and seem to enjoy themselves. Did you find some good buys? Jewelry? Clothes? Art?


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