Friday, July 24, 2009

Mountainair and Quarai

Friday morning we woke up and explored Mountainair, which isn't exactly in the mountains, but close enough to get a good mountain breeze and a view of them. I found four pairs of shorts, a shirt, and vest for a total of $3 at the Saint Vincent dePaul thrift store. Who needs shopping malls when you can recycle and be charitable at the same time? Saving so much on these name brands I could easily justify the beautiful little handmade ceramic teapot I acquired next door at an art gallery!!! (Does your mind work this way too?)

We had lunch at the Ancient Cities Cafe. (You could do worse.) Here's an interesting sign we saw in the parking lot.

Of course, we had to stop and buy fresh cherries and dried cinnamon apples from their produce stand. This very nice man was 11 in 1944 when they detonated the first atomic bomb near Socorro, NM. He told us it lit up the sky so bright it still looked like daylight at 3 a.m. and the fallout drifted over the Indian lands. He was very weathered, but his teeth looked brand new when he smiled.

We explored the nearby Salinas Pueblo Ruins at Quarai. During the early 17th century Spanish Franciscans founded this missionary effort in the once thriving Indian community.

Walking the surrounding trail, we saw what I think is Chokecherry, Wild Rose, Olives, and also Indian Paintbrush, Wild Geranium, and Indian Mallow.

From there we drove the Turquoise Trail through many small Land Grant communities to visit my new blog friend Lisa aka Rapunzel from Sunday Stills. Farmer Rick is chomping at the bit for a cup of coffee, so I'll write more about that fun visit in my next post.


Nola @ the Alamo said...

Great photos; I can tell you are enjoying your time away. As I look at the photos of you guys standing in the ruins, I'm thinking "dang, how come my indian chief can't do stone work like that?"

nik said...

Very nice! Great panoramic shot!

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