Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Stills: The Elements

We were certainly out in "the elements" on our recent vacation. Here's a storm rolling in over what used to be the Kiowa National Grasslands in the panhandle of Texas.

The last time I visited a couple decades ago, the grass was as tall as me. Back then, you might have recognized it as the place where the buffalo scene in Dances with Wolves was shot. But there are no longer any signs (or signage) of it being a protected grassland. Perhaps it was lost to the last administration. What a pity.

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I wish I could figure out a way to upload a larger file in Blogger, as these next images are humongous files and very sharp. I will be writing more about this exciting trek along the Rio de Pueblo de Taos River gorge in New Mexico and getting caught in this electrical storm without shelter, dumping two inches of hail on us. You can see the faint line of the trail along the left side of the gorge wall. My husband kept asking if I should really be standing there shooting in it.

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Lucky enough to live through it, but not fortunate enough to catch one of the many lightning bolts in my photos! Do you like it better in color or altered color?

For more photos of the elements be sure to visit Sunday Stills.


Debbi Andersen said...

Beautiful pictures! Love it!!

Nivin said...

WoooW! Gorgeous shot! That panorama is just amazing! Just love it! :D I'll be back to see more of those!

Dana and Daisy said...

Okay, you'll have to explain to me how it is Bush's fault the grass on the plains is either dead or dormant? careful now! lol!

that gorge just about took my breath away in real life. So hard to really capture the magnificence of it.

I was a big ole scairdy cat and would not even walk across the bridge. ha ha!

glad you are enjoying your trip. How hot or not is it there now?

Ed said...

Very nice..:-)

CTG Ponies said...


Holly said...

wonderful! Dramatic and gives me the feeling of a chill coming on!

chloe said...

these are amazing sage!

-chloe @

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

amazing pictures, really amazing.. I prefer the one in color..
Wow, what a place!

thecrazysheeplady said...

The first shot is my favorite and I like the unaltered panorama better.

Andrew Thornton said...

Breath-taking photos. Makes my heart yearn for such places!

Ebie said...

This is my main blog.
These are great panoramic shots! And I like the second shot. As to the question, I use photoshop to embed my watermark, and I reduce the image size. That's how I upload mine but I have a wordpress format. And if I have complicated questions, I ask my daughter. Most of the time, she has an answer for me.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I love that first shot with its old world sepia colour..

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