Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Finds in One Morning

Yesterday morning we found our first little Cuckoo Marans egg in the new coop. They are known as the "Chocolate Eggers." Yup, the girls are now entering their point of lay. This means Farmer Rick needs to hurry up and build some nest boxes!

Perhaps the more unexpected find, though, was this large stone artifact at the intersection of several of our trails near the new coop, where I have undoubtedly walked right by it a zillion times. I am not sure if this is an early biface or a blank that was to be later made into something more refined.

Several decades ago a nearby field was excavated by the Texas Archaeological Research Lab of UTSA, and yielded many artifacts of Native American encampment. We suspect that our land, too, was a camping ground as we find the dark and angular limestone rocks used in their "ovens" and signs of worked chert. Back when the two creeks flowed, the place where I found this would have been a prime hunting spot.

Many times I've looked here for artifacts, and of course I only did the finding when I wasn't looking!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Egg-sellent finds!

Andrew Thornton said...

What wonderful finds indeed!

Andrew Thornton said...

Good luck with your BronzClay class. If you haven't been instructed already or been prepped on what will be there, make sure to get some Glove-In-A-Bottle and use that before you work with the clay. Make sure to get it under your nails and around the cuticles as well.

I've worked with BronzClay since before it hit the market and one of the biggest issues I've had with the clay is that if you're not protecting your skin with Glove-In-A-Bottle, it can turn it green or blacken dead skin. It's not necessarily bad for you, it's just the oxidation of the copper in reaction to your pH balance and the moisture of your skin. Some even argue that copper used topically helps relieve joint and arthritis pain.

Good luck and have fun!

Dana and Daisy said...

isn't that just the way it goes? I know when you look for a four leafed clover you can't find one, but if you just scan across the clover looking for something out of synch with the pattern, voila! there it is!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Love, Dana and Daisy

Ann said...

How interesting about your artifact. Did you get it dated?

My uncle gave me a fossilised shell fish. He gave it only because I told him my engineer husband would be interested. I should post it some times. His friend found it in an old quarry.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hah! Isn't that always the case.
What eggciting finds, though. Congrats on the beautiful chocolate egg.
I've got the cuckoo marans on my wish list. Next weekend our local feed store is hosting a poultry swap meet and I'm hoping to find a couple cuckoo marans. I think we discussed how folks love those dark brown eggs and seem to think they are more farm-like and organic then a white egg. So I hope by adding a few (did I just say few, after saying couple? hehe!) chocolate eggers I'll be able to sell more eggs.

So, how's coop and hen house coming along, too?


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