Monday, December 7, 2009

Macro Monday: Bird Button #3

Thanks for all the kind (and funny!) comments last week regarding the baking of my camera. It certainly was one of those 'gotta laugh to keep from crying' incidences, of which there seem to be many around here. After a cozy night by the fire I am happy to report that Camera is back to normal. Let's just hope none of you will ever need the recipe!

I am not sure what draws me to birds, but there has always been an undeniable connection of the heart. I love bird imagery almost as much, and buttons are easy to collect. The subtle, tinted patina on this one is sublime!

When I was a child my Ruthenian grandmother sent me a pet canary. As I grew up it was followed by a long line of parakeets I hand tamed and dearly loved. As a younger woman I briefly owned a sun conure which terrorized visitors and my other pets, and sadly has been the only animal I've ever had to give away. I did not realize parrots bonded with you like a mate and were extremely jealous of all other beings.

For nearly a decade I organized a national nature festival with a very large birding component. As a botanist I don't own fancy binoculars or keep a life list (too competitive) although I am aware of what birds I've seen and haven't yet seen. I don't travel to exotic places just to add their numbers. Instead I keenly observe those around me and learn their songs, feed them and watch them build their nests in my trees. I would probably photograph them if I had the right lenses.

Still, they figure predominantly in all my artistic endeavors: hand painted scarves, paintings, jewelry, even the advertisements I design for my clients. And, of course, there is my love of chickens!

For more up close and personal views from around the world visit Macro Monday!


Ed said...

Great shot and post, when I'm out in the field I tend to try to photograph more birds than anything else..:-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your "baked" camera is back doing great macro shots again. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will have to go back and read about the baking! I am glad it worked!!
Your button is lovely..I like birds also and in nature you have to be patient to photograph them:)

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Love your bird grandmother had the most wonderful parakeets, and boy did they talk. The one and only parakeet I had success with got out one day (my kids.. door left open) I cried like a kid. I loved that bird like I love my dog.

Anonymous said...

you've got a tough camera!
i like the button, very unique

Brenda said...

Glad the camera dried out! Love the button shot!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I studied orinthology for a few years. I've always been fascinated with birds and have been a lifelong birdwatcher, too.

I'm not competitive, but I do have a chart I keep inside one of my bird identification books to help me keep track of which birds I've seen and if they are local or just visiting. I volunteered for Hawk Watch Intl. a few years go here in NM and had the pleasure of capturing and releasing hawks in the Manzano Mountains. wow. That was amazing holding a wild predator in my hands and letting them fly off into the wind!

If you love birds, too, you really ought to plan a trip to Bosque del Apache, near Socorro, NM. The fly outs every morning and the fly ins every night are breathtaking as thousands of geese ducks, and sand hill cranes fill the sky.

Before I had chickens I didn't know they could have such unique personalities and be so much fun, though. I know they are birds, but theu seem different somehow. lol!

I'm sure you know what I mean. :)


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