Monday, March 29, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day performance photos

These photos just in from our Irish music concert at the St. Patrick's Day dinner benefiting our local library.

This little guitar is a full-size electric classical minus the body. I tuned it to Open F (not a usual tuning) so Farmer Rick could sing Arthur McBride and still hit the high notes. If you google Paul Brady in the 1970's doing this song you will hear what we played. (Only he does it in Open G tuning).

Irish music is usually about lost love, or drinking. I like the slow, serious ones.

Farmer Rick likes the fast, silly ones.

But most of all, we love harmonizing and making music together for a good cause.


Dana and Daisy said...

you two are looking more and more alike as the years go by, ( ha ha )

thought you might want to see my rug selection today on my blog. I went with your advice and chose smaller ones for either side of the bed. It was a good choice, saved me about 1/2 the cost and wouldn't you know it, I have already had to sweep out dust bunnies under the bed!

Good call on that one!

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun , Sage. So do the dog and turtle activities.

Ed said...

Too cool, happy belated St.Patties day! ..:-)

Callie said...

Wonderful to have the photos of such great memories.

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