Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project Runway

Over the last two weeks Muffin the Faverolle has been recuperating in my studio from a large gash on her side. After the first week it looked solid enough I slathered her with Peck No More and put her back in the coop. In less than one minute the roosters had cornered her and the gash was reopened. Little Bitty Bird, the smallest of the Buff Laced Polands, was also showing wear from the rooster treading and I didn't want her gashed, too. A solution was in order.

Rooster treading on Little Bitty Bird

I called Hensavers. (Actually I googled them). I'd seen their nifty little product advertised in my poultry magazines and thought maybe it was time to get a couple of outfits. I ordered two of them in cammo green Sunday night and they arrived yesterday.

I chose the single strap model with the attached shoulder protector.

The straps fit over the chicken's wings like a backpack, and another around the neck. This morning I dressed the girls.



They seem to fit very well. Little Bitty Bird took to hers right away. The boys could not figure out how to mount her and she seemed pleased. The other hens looked envious.

Whatcha staring at? Haven't you ever seen haute couture before?

Muffin, however had a harder time adjusting to her new outfit.

This was not entirely unexpected, as one of the FAQs on the Hensaver website was "How long will my chicken walk backwards?" Sort of looks like a moonwalk to me!


Callie said...

Those are very nice! And I'm sure the hens will appreciate them. Poor babies.

I use duct tape on my hens when they need protection from the sun when molting, from the mosquitos who want to suck them dry when they are molting and to protect wounds.

Click on the photos and you will get a better look at the duct tape saddles.

You can search on google for chickens and duct tape. There's a lot of info out there.
I do admit your saddles are much cuter than duct tape, but the tape is what I had and cheaper.

Ed said...

LOL! Sorry but thats too funny, commando hens, I did'nt know they made kevlar vests for hens, but I guess its better than roosters spurs in the back...:-))

colleen said...

I never would have thought they made clothes for chickens! They look so cute in them, and useful too! Those dirty rotten roosters!

I hope the walking backwards doesn't last long she's bound to get a bruised butt!

Dana and Daisy said...

i've heard that people are starting back yarn coops because there is a return to providing our own food from the recession. I just wonder what all the non-farming people will do about these issues. I, myself, never knew there was so much involved in raising chickens!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I dearly love all animals but I am very protective of my girls and only have 2 roosters among 40 hens, I can't stand the roosters hurting my girls so the males have to move on.

Callie said...

Go take a look at this page for lots of tips on using duct tape saddles.

The chickens have dusty skin and feathers so the duct tape doesn't stick to their skin and the new feathers grow in and push the duct tape off.

I had to put long strips over their back and down each side to get it to stick well. It may come off after a week or two or if the roosters tear it off, but then I just put more on. I stuck duct tape on their shoulders (top of wing) too. I't is a lot of fun putting duct tape on a chicken. LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ROFLMBO!!! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your hens safe, even if that means they learn how to moonwalk in the process. lol!

Annie, my bald-back hen needs one of those cute outfits, too. I just used a baby onsie to keep her back side covered, but it sure isn't as fashionable as the custom made hen clothes.

Great idea! I'll be checking them out!


Anonymous said...

This must be confusing for the rooster. By the way, sage, I really enjoyed the previous blog about that old house. That was interesting. ...bob

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