Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out with the Old

2009 was a frustrating and sad year for so many people, I know many of us are happy to see it in the rear view mirror, a disappearing speck on the horizon. Authorities have it that we should all study history, lest we become doomed to repeat it, so before ushering in the New, I am taking a parting glimpse at the Old.

Spring was lost to illness from taking rabies shots. Nearly a year later, and after a recent subrogation interview assuring Blue Cross I did not ask the fox for his insurance card, they have decided to cover little more than half of the exorbitant cost of the vaccines for something known to be 100% fatal. We send them hundreds of dollars each month for "health insurance".  A perfect example of a failed health care system.

Lesson learned: Always carry gloves. Note to self: Contact the Texas Board of Insurance.

Summer broke all records for drought and heat and saw both the river and our well run dry. This took its toll on us psychologically--the lack of something so precious we had not even realized we'd taken for granted--and physically--from hauling tons of water, 5 gallon 40 lb buckets at a time.

Lesson learned: Never take any of life's conveniences for granted and be prepared to live without them. Ditch your old toilet--a low flush toilet not only helps save the planet, a 10 lb flush vs a 40 lb flush will also save your back. Note to self: Start planning a rainwater harvesting system.

Fall and winter brought the general downfall of the plumbing infrastructure of our 80 year old house and loss of many beloved pets. Nothing like living in a paradox where you have very little water, but what there is seems to be leaking all over the place. We said farewell to Hawk Girl, Rooster-O, Phoebe, Avo from a tragedy that could have been averted had I only listened to that little voice, Zoe, and even the tenacious Captain Ahab our special needs RIR rooster 'added for warmth' with a broken leg from the hatchery, who mysteriously passed this New Year's Eve.

Lesson learned: Always, always listen to your intuition. Note to self: House wiring is just as old. Best time to replace is before the fire.

Hoping everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Wishing everyone a fabulous 2010!


colleen said...

Glad to see you back. I'm sorry 2009 was such a wreck, here's to better times for us! And hopefully I won't be hauling buckets of water much longer....

Please do do the wiring before the fire!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

did ya read all those good quotes in Bakers catalog? Happy 2010!

Kateri said...

Wow, unbelievable that Blue Cross only covered half the cost of the rabies vaccinations. I switched jobs not two long ago and am now realizing the hard way that not every company offers good health insurance like I had at my previous job, even though we are paying just as much for it.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your pets. I hope the the New Year brings peace and health to both humans and animals at your home.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots of life lessons learned. Too bad they had to be learned the hard way, though.
So long 2009. You sucked!

2010 isn;t starting off so good with this snow, though. I'm hauling a large blue Ikea tarp sack up our hill to the barn twice a day, stuffed with 3 flakes of hay, because I can't drive the truck up there with the bales of hay. bah!

Here's wishing the most successful, happy, joyful, peaceful, and stress-free year for you!
And with your new studio all set up, you are ready to go! Thanks to your sweet, thoughtful hubby :)

Happy New Year Sage!


Ebie said...

Happy New Year Sage! We hope to start off a good year!

I have been off line for the later part of December.

Thanks for the friendship in blogging and hope to share more photos.

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