Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Stills: The Letter B

Well, I've haven't found much time for blogging lately--my time has not been my own. As one friend said, April was kind of Medical Month for us, on top of the big annual push to get the Spring gardens in. I've also continued to substitute teach almost daily for the school since Farmer Rick returned, on top of my own private guitar students and advertising clients. My life is the picture of busy.

Right now every inch of our property is covered in wildflowers. The Bluebonnets have been spectacular!

Next week I will be traveling 600 miles round trip to pick up my honey bees. My hive kit arrived today and my bee suit arrived last week. With temperatures already ranging into the 90's it will be more like my personal sauna!

I'll be painting the hive boxes this week and getting everything set up for my 10,000 new pets. Not that there wasn't enough to do around here already!

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Ed said...

Love the bluebonnets and you look great in the beekeeper outfit. Is the coloe white non threatening to bees? I've heard the color red angers them..:-)

Ann said...

The bluebonnets are so beautiful, like your video.

Are you keeping the New Zealand famous Manuka honey?

NitWit1 said...

Being a former Texan I envy the bluebonnets. Our flowers have been spectacular this year. I have a number to be posted when I find time.

I envy having having homegrown honey

dibear said...

Boy I miss the bluebonnets! I may try to grow some here in E. Tennessee. Is Farmer Rick back to teaching? You sure are staying busy. Hope you still have time for your garde. :)

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