Thursday, November 13, 2008

Garden mimic

This beautiful toad was sitting under the garden water spigot. I don't recall other ones around here to be this exotic looking. Unfortunately, I don't know my amphibian species, one from another. I like the combination of the spots and stripes, how they might mimic pebbles or veins in leaves. I don't know if this creature has the ability to willfully blend its color into its surroundings as do the anoles, but as one who specs color as part of her living, this toad would be a pretty good Pantone match.

[Well, it appears my husband knows this as the Leopard Frog, and from some web sleuthing I would have to agree this does look like Rana blairi, a Leopard Frog. I see now how its legs are more froglike. Anyway, he gets a gold star for identification!..and I will stick to flowers.]

1 comment:

Dana and Daisy said...

I think that is one of those rare and terribly poisonous toads from Africa! lol!

Girl, you got me with that picture because I am an amphibaphobe.

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