Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well House Door

The original well house door was slowly decaying and finally fell off last year. Since this is the view from the window over my kitchen sink it had become a daily reminder of all that is desperately in need of repair around our homestead.

I'd picked up these great antique hinges about five years ago just for this day. I think they came off a Pennsylvania barn door. My wonderful husband made the new door over the weekend, and I think it looks great!

The well house actually houses our pressure tank. The pump is submersible, and the well is directly behind the building and covered with a large iron door. It was dug approximately forty feet deep through limestone in the late 1800's, probably by the blacksmith that first owned the property.

We are planning to use the storage shelving inside as a root cellar, and hope to expand the building to eventually cover the well. Since we live where the soil is very rocky, most of the pioneers built spring houses over their wells for just this purpose.

Now, we can move on to project #127...


Dana and Daisy said...

It is now a lovely well-house and door. Yes, I agree. Your husband did a great job on the door. And your hinges are the crowning touch. A couple of evergreen boughs in the hanging bucket next to it and you've got yourself a vignette worthy of a magazine cover!


thecrazysheeplady said...

That is SOME DOOR. Very well done. What did you do with the door from your old house? You kept it, right?

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