Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pinning the Pieces Wednesday

Today we learned how to use foil. I am thinking about foiling some of the butterfly wings tonight. Because Creations, our on-site store, did not have lining fabric and I want this back shield to move freely across the back of the coat, I had to venture into town. Currently there are about 200 pins holding this together.

We also learned about using different threads, and I picked some mid-value variegated to do the first pass. I love every one's finger ring pin cushions and will have to make myself one when I get home.

Fortunately Nancy, a local quilter attending a different workshop, not only knew how to get to a store, she offered to drive me there. I have never worked with satin before, but since this is a project of many firsts, it seemed OK. I "auditioned" the collage on teal and there was too much contrast, and apple green was to bright. I settled on this dark maroon. It seems to bring out the rich hues. I bought enough to line the entire coat.

As an added perk, she took me on a tour of the park, and through downtown where I saw a mural I actually helped with about a decade ago--the artist contacted me to borrow a photo of the Lindheimer's Morning Glory to use in the art that decorates the museum of the famous Texas botanist. I was invited to the grand opening, but my boss wouldn't let me off. This was the first time I ever saw it.

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