Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Putting Pieces Together Tuesday

Today we began our fabric collages. It was such engrossing work by the end of the day it felt like it should already be Friday and it's only our second day of class. Beautiful work started emerging around the room, each quilter with a different vision and voice.

Because I did not have time to fit a vest pattern, and I brought colors I like to wear but not hang in my house, I decided to make this into the back shield (kind of like on a drover's coat) of an Issey Miyake coat.

This is not applique. The items have been "fussy cut" with a border that will give me room for stitching, and then will fray in the wash and unite everything into one cloth. The objects at the bottom will be the edge of the shield, as the excess muslin base will be cut away.

I've incorporated several of the techniques from yesterday's class and will try to get some closeups to show them. Right now I'm still pinning things down.

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