Thursday, April 2, 2009

April's Fool or How to Win and Influence Others with a Vintage Rooster Brooch

How appropriate: I started April Fools Day with an automated call from Sears reminding me a repairman was coming to install the dishwasher part (it was after all, a Wednesday). What part? There is no part! I did not schedule that poor repairman to install a toe panel!

Instead, I had to run to town for various errands and decided to wear a fun, vintage rooster brooch I got on eBay as sort of a St. Patrick's day sparkle. (I will point out he does have a green butt). The tail rhinestones actually wiggle when you move!

Half way to town I happened to notice my vehicle's inspection sticker had expired...four months ago! Oops! This is what happens when you work from home and rarely drive anywhere. I joined my coffee clache for a cup and everyone admired the sparkly bird.

Then I hit the farm store, where he was much admired by the counter ladies. After I rung up $100 worth of feed, I realized my checkbook, credit card, and identification were all laying on my desk an hour away! No problem, anyone with a rooster brooch can call back later with a credit card. Next stop, the pharmacy at the big chain grocery. My poultry bling sparked in the assistant's eyes. Sure you can take your expensive prescription and phone us later with payment!

Over at the hardware store it's all men. They do not notice the brooch. I have never seen this manager before, and I'm explaining how I need to pick up a bunch of hardware for the chicken coop Farmer Rick is building and I have absolutely no form of payment or ID. His brow is starting to furrow when my friend, Dickie, who introduced me to rare breed chickens in the first place, gives me a hug and says to put it on his account. The manager smiles and says, no that won't be necessary, just call us later with payment!

I did not feel like pressing my luck with a State Inspections garage who may not have any affinity for chickens, and passed several law enforcement vehicles on my way home without trouble. Later, I called everyone with my credit card number and thanked them profusely for their trust, which I realize would have been impossible in a big city, or perhaps without my rooster brooch!

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coinguyslady said...

I love this story! Who know the power of a Rooster Brooch.

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