Monday, April 13, 2009

Sears Update

Since my last posting, Why I Will Never Buy Another Appliance From Sears, I have been receiving 1-2 automated calls, then live person calls each day trying to reschedule the repairman to put in the non-existent dishwasher part. I grit my teeth each time they end the conversation with "thank you for choosing Sears!" During the past seventeen days of this I have felt very harassed by Sears.

They wouldn't even leave me alone for the Easter weekend, three people called to try to schedule the repairman. I told each live person that I will not accept a black control panel for my white dishwasher, and that I expected them to live up to the warranty to replace the entire unit. One of these people even told me they had no evidence I had a warranty!

The last person told me he would refer my case to the national replacement group and I should expect a call from them. This morning I received another call to reschedule the repairman. I told them to take me off their call list and to have the national replacement group call me. Unbelievable, they called. I now have a $500 credit toward the new dishwasher of my choice--only it has to be from Sears!

After this one breaks, that's it, no more Sears appliances! No more Sears warranties! I estimate I have spent 12 hours on the phone with Sears or the repairman over this issue trying to get my dishwasher fixed for 2 months. I still have to set the last three wrong parts on the doorstep for UPS to pick up. I predict with outsourced service, and incompetent parts department, and horrible communication, Sears will soon go out of business.

Calendar of Events:
Feb 16 Initial call for repair
Feb 20 Wrong part arrives
Feb 25 Repairman arrives, orders another part
Feb 27 Another wrong part arrives
March 4 Repairman arrives, orders another part
March 12 Third wrong part arrives, I am out of town
March 16 I call Sears and tell them it's the wrong part, they promise to expedite the part before the repairman shows up
March 17 I call Sears to ascertain the part has shipped, it has but they don't know when it will arrive
March 18 Repairman comes, but there is no part
March 19 Forth wrong part arrives! A manager is supposed to call me, doesn't.
March 23 A manager calls to tell me there is no white part, I will have to accept a black part! She says my warranty doesn't cover "cosmetic problems". I told her the problem was functional, that Sears was causing the cosmetic problem, and that if this wasn't taken care of I would seek legal action.
March 24-April 10 For seventeen days I receive 1-2 automated or live person calls each day trying to reschedule the repairman to install "the part".
April 13 I am issued an authorization number for $500 towards a new Sears dishwasher.

My advice to you: 1) Don't give in 2) Don't ever buy Sears appliances or warranties.


Dana and Daisy said...

sorry to hear it.
So many companies have totally rotten customer service these days.

Maybe if they fold, they'll get a bail out, how could we let them die? Afterall it is where American Shops.

just being cynical, never mind me.

texasred said...

I like Sears appliances, but gave up on the service policies about 30 years ago. The agitator on my washing machine went out and I called for service. When the man came out he didn't have the part. I asked why and he said he was a contractor and they only told him where to go. I felt like that,too. We got much better service from an ordinary service company.

texasred said...
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thecrazysheeplady said...


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