Sunday, April 5, 2009

Critter-Proofing the Coop Part One

Today Farmer Rick began trenching around the part of the coop that we will finish first (in order to soon get the ever-growing chicks out of our bathtub).

There sure is a lot of digging in homesteading! --Farmer Rick

We are using 4" x 4" welded wire panels and cutting them to fit. They come in 20 foot long sections, but we cut them down to 5 foot sections to fit in our vehicle. Some people around here call this hog panel, however at the farm store where we purchased it they told us you only call the 6" x 6" hog panel, and this stuff "just panel". It's secured to the rim joist with fence staples. Bailing wire ties are securing them together at the joins, using a brick tie tool. In part two we will use the ties to attach chicken wire over this.

Looks good when it turns the corner.

Because we are building the coop as we have time and money, we must secure underneath and across the foundation for the part we will finish and use first.

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