Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coop Wall Framing Begun

Farmer Rick has begun the first wall of the new chicken coop. This wall will eventually mostly be inside the coop, but since we are building it in stages it must serve as an exterior wall for a while. Here you can see the door frame.

The wall is being built from recycled lumber we've gotten from several folks. Even the window is recycled.

We are setting the fixed glass window low enough for winter light to shine in on the chickens and for them to be able to see out from their dust bath. Here FR is measuring the sill to see how to position the glass and the wooden stops that will hold it in place.

The window is being lowered into the inside frame stop.

Here the outside frame has been applied to hold it in place.

Here's the nearly completed framing of the first wall. Notice how we used the floor as a flat surface on which to build it. The outside panel with the window will be sheathed in plywood, and the rest hardware cloth. For now, it has been moved to the side on top of the other floor joists to make room for the next wall to be built.

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