Sunday, April 5, 2009

Return of the Crop Circle

You may have wondered what's happened to my crop circles project. Well, it's a little embarrassing. You see, the red clover I planted and watered didn't get very big. This is what five months produced. I've been told it grows waist high around here. I'm not sure what this says about our situation. Right now I'm supposed to be mowing and laying it down according to Fukuoka. Instead I'm just planting into it.

Fearing not much nitrogen got fixed by these miniscule plants, I decided to try the Three Sisters planting. We make lots of great compost from our chicken manure, so I built 18" mounds of it 5 feet apart. Don't rack your brain trying to follow my druid geometry. I attempted to line them up with the brutal afternoon sun for maximum shade.

Into each mound, I planted four Oaxacan Green Dent corn seeds. Dent corn, which is more starchy than sweet, is better suited to our dry climate so close to Mexico. We intend to grind it into cornmeal.

Yes, it's really green. It's beautiful stuff. I think Sam I Am would concur, and the Ameraucanas. And for fun, some digital manipulation.


Dana and Daisy said...

I once tried to show my step son the wonder of the tulip bulb and waited and waited for them to appear. Apparently a mole had eaten them over winter, And stupid MOI thought the crack in the soil's surface was the tulip pushing it's way up. It was the mole tunnel.


So I commiserate with you about a failed project. Oh well?...

EarthNSky said...

What do you want to trade for some of those green oaxaca seeds?

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