Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coop Door

We've learned the quickest way to bring rain in an exceptional drought is to be on holiday or begin any sizable project. Or both.

I went out to document the coop door construction and got caught in the shower.

The only dry place to hide was under the saw horse table after we stashed the tools there first. It was a little cramped.

But the fickle sun came back out, and Farmer Rick began constructing the coop door.

The inside of the door is plywood, like the rest of the coop.

But the outside is rough cedar recycled from our neighbor's deck. The painted side was turned under. 'Cuz the chickens said they will like it better that way.

What a nice rustic door! I'm so proud of Farmer Rick's ever-improving carpentry skills.

Just as he got it shimmed--with me on the inside of the coop to help hold the door--the clouds let loose again. Um, there is no roof yet, so there was no alternative than to crawl out the chicken door without messing up the shimming. One problem though, there is no handle yet on the chicken door. By the time FR got around to kick it open, yours truly was drenched.

We ran down the hill into the creek, and I decided to take the steep embankment up, only to slip and slide in the mud, making it less of the shortcut I had hoped it would be. FR got a little wet.

I got a whole lotta wet.

But it was fun. Sorta. It would have been more fun without two dislocated ribs.

The sun came back out.

The door got hung. These are temporary hinges until we find some antique barn hinges.

Here's the door from the inside.

There should be a rainbow above, we are that close to moving the chickens and reclaiming our bathroom. Next step is building the temporary roof.


lisa said...

You will have to make sure you post the finished project. Hopefully it was a nice warm rain, nothing like taking a shower in your cloths.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too funny. And excellent you had your camera with you. Great post!

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