Monday, May 11, 2009

Third Coop Wall Goes Up

This past weekend Farmer Rick framed the third wall of the new chicken coop. See how handy the floor comes in for this purpose?

Our friend Don came over to help. He said he brought over his strong back and weak mind, but it's obvious he knows a whole lot about building things and we appreciate his suggestions. Like how to actually attach the walls once they are built (a small detail left out of our reference book).

Here's a detail of how two walls are joined. Basically the top plate of one wall must overlap the other for a bond.

Oops! This recycled window had a little crack, but after a carpentry snafu it got some bigger cracks, all on one side. The argon gas--if there was any--was long gone. Don has lent us his heat gun to soften the caulk so we can get the pieces off, and hopefully have another glass side cut for us to install with windshield sealant.

Farmer Rick can now say blood, sweat, and tears have gone into building the chicken coop.

Here's where it will go once it is repaired.

It's starting to feel like a real nice space. (It would make a great little art studio!) How about a chicken and arts complex?

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Ann said...

You are right, it is far to nice to be a chicken coop. May be you can take over and use it as your studio.

My dad built a very big chicken coop, when he rented it out, the tenant sub-let it as a one bed room apartment.

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