Friday, May 15, 2009

Plan B

There comes a time in every chicken coop builder's life when they must consider Plan B... especially when chickens are filling both your bathrooms and soon threaten to run you out of your own home.

Introducing...the temporary wall making things nice and square, not to mention chicken-ready, while we figure out how to build curving walls. For feng shui, and all that.

Farmer Rick whipped that wall together this afternoon. I think the thought of having to hose ourselves off in the back yard has lit a fire in his carpentry soul.

Looking good! We had a temporary dividing wall in our other coop to be able to separate some of the breeds to begin with. But in the end it was one happy family and we were able to take it down. So this will be helpful when we have to put the different aged flocks together.

Hardware cloth goes up.

I love projects that don't involve digging!--Farmer Rick

There will be a plywood partial wall at the bottom, and battens over the studs to further secure the hardware cloth.

We were so worried about the security our first coop from predators we camped beside it the first night. That's when I threw my back out so badly I couldn't bend over for a week. L7 the chiropractor said as he forced it back into place. We have an air mattress now. I am wondering if they make baby monitors that can handle 75 yards? If we install a zip line across the creek, I could be there in a New York minute.

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